The Firm

Established in the summer of 2011, Eric Rains Landscape Architecture (ERLA) continues to grow and evolve as a dynamic design practice. One that embraces design opportunities to create spaces and places for people to enjoy, interact, relax, gather, contemplate, learn, be loud and be entertained. These spaces live on in people’s minds as a great places to have been. This is success to us.

Our designs are quite, simple and intuitive with narrow, durable material pallets. This is all reinforced and accented with forms, patterns, color, textures, light, water, sounds and scents that all work together to provide the highest quality experience. Lines are uncomplicated and guide the user through the space with ease. Oftentimes, adjacent spaces in our planning are visually accessible, drawing the user in to discover all the place has to offer. When designing places located where there are broad seasonal changes throughout the year, we use this as another design tool to offer variety for users and visitors to the place. Where there is little seasonal change, we rely on form, color, texture and patterns to provide compositions that welcome users.

The collective project experience of the ERLA team spans many project types. This includes top universities and hospitals, professional sports stadiums and arenas along with regional tourist destinations, international corporate headquarters and some of the largest financial institutions. Our projects have included thousands of housing units all focusing on robust site designs that serve the user, contribute to the local housing stock / inventory, provide economic growth to local municipalities, States and regions of the Country.

ERLA is located in South Norwalk, Connecticut with project locations in eight states from Massachusetts to Florida. These projects types are primarily multi-family, mixed use, private residential, built for rent (BFR) single family residential and corporate campuses.